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PRAYING JOHN 3: ...The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him.

LET US PRAY: Lord Jesus, You are the great Teacher sent from God. You perform the impossible, and God was with You throughout Your life here on earth. Lord, I want to see the kingdom of Your Father. I want to be born-again. Reveal to me what this means. Reveal to me all that I should do in order to accomplish this. Reveal to me all that I should stop doing in order to be born-again. 

Lord Jesus, may I never see the spiritual and judge it with the physical. Give me a much greater wisdom to see and understand all the heavenly values that I need to know. Remove every form of doubt within me. Shine Your mighty light upon me, and dispel any form of unrighteousness in me. Lord, anything that is not of You, I do not want it. 

Lord, I want to be born of water and of the Holy Spirit. Whatever this means or takes, that is what I want. This life I live in flesh, I want to live it in the spirit. Send down the Holy Spirit to rest upon my head and prosper my spirit. Lord, as my spirit prosper, may my body prosper too.

My Savior, may I never do my will but Yours. May I recognize Your voice speaking to me through my conscience, through those around me, through the Holy Bible, through Your prophets, and through minor signs around me that I may usually ignore or take for granted. 

Lord, I know that with You, everything is possible. My knowledge is too limited and foolishness toward Your sight. I ask that You bless me with a much broader wisdom to understand the hidden meanings of the Holy Bible. 

Lord, may I always say what I know and I am sure of. May the words from my mouth be the truth and nothing less. I ask for uplifting in whatever I do. I ask that You uplift me both physically and spiritually. May I inherit eternal life because of my abundant faith in You that doesn’t waver in trying moments. 

I appreciate the Father’s love for mankind. I appreciate Your coming to the world to die that I may be saved. Thank You for the gift of reconciliation. Thank You for demonstrating what love is all about, and I thank You especially for doing it even while mankind lived in sin.

Today, I renew my faith in You. I ask that You strengthen it especially when the going gets tough. I ask that You bless me with the presence of the Holy Spirit that I may live above sin, and make good use of the gift of salvation that You already have paid the price for. May I never suffer destruction, sickness or death because of my sinful ways, but may I enjoy the abundant blessings of Your kingdom, and have life in abundance.

Lord Jesus, redeem me today. I ask for total redemption. May I please You and the Father with my words, actions and thoughts. May I never be reluctant to do that which I ought to do. May everything I do bring You glory, and may I never try to take the credit for anything I do; for without You, I am nothing and can do nothing. 

Lord, may I never choose darkness over light. Give me the wisdom to distinguish between the both especially when the devil tries to deceive me and make his darkness appear as light before me. May I love and embrace Your light and truth at all times. Lord, through my conscience, may Your light convict me each time I do what’s wrong, and keep every evil doer away from me and my household.

May the world experience Your light in me. May I serve as a mirror that reflects Your light to the world. Send Your Holy Spirit to dwell in my household and bless us with His presence. Forgive me of my sin, and wash my heart. Lord, every good gift is from You, and that’s all I long for. May I receive all heaven has prepared for those who walk along the path of righteousness. May I be blessed with the privileges of righteousness; that my prayers will be found pleasing in Your sight.

You are the Messiah, and I acknowledge that today and completely. May I be filled with Your joy, peace and love. You have control over everything, and I ask that You make everything that concerns me alright and in accordance to Your will for me.

I have faith in You, and I ask that You strengthen it in every way possible. 

In Your mighty Name I pray. Amen.
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Valentine Wilson, India

PRAYHoUSe serves as my virtual conscience; making me realize what is right and refrain from doing otherwise.

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