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You can now take PRAYHoUSe everywhere you go, and get instant access to our over 10,000 prayers from the Scriptures. Simply download one of our app for your mobile device.

Our app is available for Android and iPhone/iPad devices:

1. Android:
Click here to Download our Android app

2. iPhone/iPad:
To get our app on your iOS-powered device, simply visit touch.prayh.com on your iPhone/iPad. You can do this via your default browser such as Safari. We strongly recommend that you use Safari.

You will be taken to our advanced mobile site. Click on the 'download' icon on the Safari browser after the mobile site is fully loaded.

We have marked the 'download' icon in a red box below to show you how the icon looks like, and where the icon is placed on both iPhone Safari browser and iPad Safari browsers:

a. iPhone Safari browser:

b. iPad Safari browser:

Often a small dialog box appears after the mobile site is fully loaded, pointing to this 'download' icon. (But this doesn't happen all the time so do not wait still you see it. Move on to the next paragraph).

After clicking on this icon, a dialog box is soon displayed with more icons and a 'cancel' button.

Click on the icon that says 'Add to Home Screen'. Another dialog box is displayed with an input field giving you the option to change the name of the app.

Simply click on the 'Add' button and a PRAYHoUSe app icon will appear on your iPhone/iPad home screen.

Click on this icon to start the app and use it on your iPhone/iPad.

NOTE: All Apps require internet connection to use.
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Our Readers Say...

Your prayers are just awesome. I appreciate PRAYHoUSe so much. I repeat them for myself. I am going to start sharing them with my friends.

Diana Ceaser Barden, United States

I am amazed by the number of different prayers for different situations PRAYHoUSe keep sharing. People like me who find it hard to pray, are reaping the harvest by reading your prayers.

Valentine Wilson, India

PRAYHoUSe serves as my virtual conscience; making me realize what is right and refrain from doing otherwise.

Vivian Samantha Navora, Kuwait

Oh yeah! there are still more!!