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PRAYING RIGHT: Does Our Posture While Praying Really Matter?

"Does our posture while praying really matter?"

The answer is yes. Our posture while praying matters because our body and our soul are closely connected. The type of prayer we are saying will determine the right posture we need to adopt while praying to God. If we are saying a thanksgiving prayer, it is okay if we lift up our hands (Psalm 63:4). If we are saying a prayer of adoration, it is okay if we knee and bow down (Psalm 95:6). In Timothy 2:8, we are encouraged to lift up our hands while praying. Just as our posture matters, so does the content of our heart. God doesn't want us to come to Him in prayer with our heart filled with anger (1 Timothy 2:8).

In the New Testament, when Jesus prayed, He often knelt down or prostrated Himself before God in prayer (Matthew 26:39). In Philippians 2:10, we are made to understand that at the mention of the
Name Jesus, every knee should bow. In Ephesians 3:14, Paul bowed his knees unto the Father. That wasn't the only time Paul knelt down while praying. In Acts 21:5, 20:36, Paul knelt with the Church at Tyre on his farewell journey to Jerusalem, and with the elders of Ephesus at Miletus. Remember, Peter knelt down as he prayed for Tabitha (Acts 9:40).

These are some of the wonderful examples that posture truly matters while we come into the presence of God.

Remember the father of the paralytic? He knelt before Jesus when he sought healing for his son (Matthew 17:14). The man who longed to learn from Jesus how to obtain everlasting life knelt before Him as he asked (Mark 10:17). Also, the leper who begged cleansing, knelt before Jesus (Mark 1:40).

The attitude while praying also matters a lot. In Luke 18:12, the Publican stood praying. Because of his attitude while praying, he returned home 'justified'.

Proper attitude, posture, and approach to God matter while praying. You could pray with bowed head or with bended knee. Nevertheless, the content of the heart is what truly matters while praying. You could stand in the shower while praying, walk to school while praying, or pray while jogging in the morning. What truly matters is our attitude while praying. As all as you concentrate while praying; giving God 100% of your attention and time, with a humble, repentant and thankful heart, I'm pretty sure God will love to listen to you.

Many Christians approach closing their eyes while praying in order to prevent getting distracted. Closing your eyes while praying can help you concentrate and focus on Jesus in whose Name You pray.
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