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PRAYING RIGHT: We Are All Brand New!

VERSE OF CONCENTRATION: For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life. (Romans 5:10 KJV)

LESSON: Even while we embraced sin, resisting the light, and walking in darkness, God still loved us as much as He loves us right now. His love for us is unconditional, non-diminishing, ever-increasing, and non-dwindling. It is out of that same love He created us in His image and likeness. Imagine, out of all the lovely creatures on earth, He chose us to look just like Him. What an amazing honor. Through the same undying love God has for mankind, He sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to earth, to dwell with us, teach us, show us the path to follow, and an exemplary life of a true Christian. That is not all. He died for our sins that we may live without self-destruction. Sin destroys, and God doesn't want that for anyone of us. He wants us to have eternal life through His Son. Jesus didn't only die for our sins; He reconciled us to the Father, and saved us through His own life. Imagine, the life of one Man for the lives of millions. That shows He was not an ordinary man. He was the Son of God, the Savior, the Messiah, our good Shepherd.

If God can give His Son to us while we were still sinners, what can't He do for us? Nothing. There is nothing too hard for Him to do for us. In fact, what God can do for us is beyond our imagination. He can never withhold anything from us. He will always give us the best things at the right time. Jesus lives in us now, and we're new creations in God. Old things are passed away, and here comes new and mighty things. God has given us victory over the devil, temptation, sin, and death. You have victory over your troubles, afflictions, pain, depression, sorrow, disease, suffering, and problems. You need to exercise faith because without it we cannot please God, or receive anything from Him.

LET US PRAY: Heavenly Father, thank You for loving the world You created even when mankind embraced sin, and walked in darkness. Thank You for bringing Light into this world through Jesus Christ Your Son and my Savior. Thank You for Your unconditional, ever-increasing, and undying love for mankind. Lord, I know that You are the God of all flesh, and there is nothing too hard for You to do for me. Lord, I declare that I am a new creation in Jesus, and all old things are passed away. Suffering, troubles, pain, depression, sorrow, disease, suffering, problems, and death are all things of the past. I declare that I am a new creation of blessings, joy, sound health and mind, prosperity, love, peace, and righteousness. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
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Your prayers are just awesome. I appreciate PRAYHoUSe so much. I repeat them for myself. I am going to start sharing them with my friends.

Diana Ceaser Barden, United States

I am amazed by the number of different prayers for different situations PRAYHoUSe keep sharing. People like me who find it hard to pray, are reaping the harvest by reading your prayers.

Valentine Wilson, India

PRAYHoUSe serves as my virtual conscience; making me realize what is right and refrain from doing otherwise.

Vivian Samantha Navora, Kuwait

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