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PRAYING RIGHT: How To Stay Motivated To Pray

It isn't easy to stay motivated in prayer. Many of us fail to continue in prayer when it seems like God isn't answering our prayers. We fail to have patience. We often conclude that delay is denial. To stay
motivated in prayer is not easy. We often need to call on God to bless us with patience, strength, and grace.

Nevertheless, no matter how difficult it is to stay motivated in prayer, we need to stay motivated. There are three suggestions to stay motivated in prayer:

1. Dedicate an entire week to seek power and dedication to pray from God:
No one can receive except it comes from heaven. Whether we decide or not to acknowledge that everything we have is from God, that doesn't change the fact that God constantly bless millions even when they fail to acknowledge Him and glorify Him.

This should be morning prayers from around 6am-10am or 7am-11am. That's four complete hours of prayer, asking God to bless you with power and dedication. Don't forget that God delights in blessing us.

2. Read the Holy Bible and motivational books to encourage you:
Take some motivational books and read a few pages everyday. Take the Bible and find motivational Scripture verses that will encourage you to continue praying without ceasing even when things are not going well yet.

3. Pray with others:
It is often important to pray with others. We are motivated to pray when we are doing it with others. When you go to the library, you may tend to read longer than when you're reading in your bedroom. So when you're praying with others, you tend to pray longer. Don't forget, Jesus said that when two or three are gathered in His Name, He is also with them.

May the good Lord Himself bless us with the strength, grace, and patience to continue praying everyday, everywhere, anytime, without ceasing, especially when things are falling apart.
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