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PRAYING RIGHT: No Prayer, No Power

Just as food is to the body, so is prayer to the soul. Once we stop eating, we become ill. Same goes with our soul. Once we stop praying, we become vulnerable to the wickedness of this world.

In Mark 9:29, Jesus made us to understand that there are some type of situations that can only be solved with prayer. In Mark 14:38, we were made to understand that we ought to watch and pray that we may not fall into the temptations of this world.

Without prayer, we are powerless, vulnerable, weak, and defeated.

In Mark 9, Jesus made us understand that there are spiritual forces that are too difficult to overcome. When His disciples asked Him why they were unable to cast out the demon, He responded, 'Insufficient prayer!'

Did the disciples not pray enough over the body possessed with demons? No, they probably did, but their life was weak in prayer. Because Jesus lived a life powered by prayer, He was able to command the demons out of the boy, and they never returned again.

When we fail to have a life powered, driven, and propelled by prayer, we become powerless in the sight of the enemy.

Is your life having insufficient prayer? Are you giving the wickedness of this world a tunnel through which can be attacked? Are you building a wall of defense in prayer against the wickedness of this world?

Without consistent and persistent prayer, we have no defense. We are created to invade and destroy the strongholds of the devil. God has given us the power to do so. If we remain watchful and prayerful, we
will not fall into temptation, and our defense against the enemy remain active, strong, and impenetrable.

I urge you to live a life propelled by persistent prayer. Ask God to reveal to you when you are falling short of his standard.

Ever in prayer, ever in power.
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